My names Leon and I’m a photographer (obviously I hear you say) and doing THIS is my moment. In fact every time I snap a pic it’s my moment because I LOVE it and the best part of it is being part of your moments.

My first experience shooting properly was in 2006 for the dancers I managed. It wasn’t easy but I enjoyed it so much I started to nurture and develop my skill set more and more, so I got stuck in. Every picture was a new milestone and I don’t know why I hadn’t done this earlier to be honest because I’ve always been interested in it, only now the moments I was being part of and the moments I was capturing can stay with me forever.

Soon enough I found that my pictures and the quality of them were of a better standard than the ones I was paying for. I feel that now, my understanding of light (I call it my friend) and the current culture has given me my own unique style, which I can channel through my lens.

I now just want to help people be able to catch the moments that make it all worth it. Whether it’s the passion in a portrait, the joy of a wedding, the fun at a party, or even the innocence of a baby sleeping, let’s do this.

So… Whats your moment?

Hit the contact button and we can have a little chat about those moments